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  • Air Capital Interiors, Inc.

    9424 E. 37th Street N., Suite 300
    Wichita, KS 67226

    P.O. Box 780168
    Wichita, KS 67278

    Phone: 316.633.4790
    Fax: 316.943.0820

    Adjacent to Colonel James Jabara Airport (AAO)


Thank you for your interest in Air Capital Interiors. We are a service company. While we’re in business to extend the life of in-service aircraft through permanent repair and restoration of dated, worn and torn interiors, our highest priority is an unparalleled customer experience.

We work in an industry characterized by high expectations and exacting standards. From initial need assessment to reinstallation and post-delivery support, we’re focused on making the aircraft interior restoration process easy and enjoyable for the owner/operator. Superior customer service, professionalism, attention to detail and clear and honest communication are the cornerstones of our company.

Our team members have worked with hundreds of owners and operators, most major aircraft completion centers, countless service facilities and material suppliers and every major aircraft manufacturer. Strategically located in “The Air Capital of the World,” we enjoy unprecedented access to the people who serve this industry. The common denominator in these critical relationships is trust. Our owners/operators and their aviation teams trust Air Capital Interiors to deliver a superior finished product, rapid response and exceptional value.

If you’re interested in refreshing the flight experience for owners/operators around the world, I invite you to contact me today by calling 316.633.4790 or by sending an email message from the contact us page. Air Capital Interiors is opening doors based on extensive design and manufacturing knowledge and experience. We’ll build relationships and find success through trust.

Rod Wilson
Air Capital Interiors President