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  • Air Capital Interiors, Inc.

    9424 E. 37th Street N., Suite 300
    Wichita, KS 67226

    P.O. Box 780168
    Wichita, KS 67278

    Phone: 316.633.4790
    Fax: 316.943.0820

    Adjacent to Colonel James Jabara Airport (AAO)

Typical Repairs

Air Capital Interiors is a dynamic partner in the aircraft furniture and interiors service market. Our capabilities combined with extreme flexibility and efficiency allow us to offer a broad spectrum of solutions ranging from complete cabin refurbishment to simple aircraft furniture repairs.


From need assessment to reinstallation and post delivery support, we make the process easy and enjoyable.


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  • Cabinetry re-veneer, repaint and/or relaminate
  • Cabinetry sand and refinish
  • Cabinetry sand and reapply top coat
  • Cabinetry finish touch up
  • Cabinetry substrate repair
  • Cabinetry modifications/upgrades
  • Upholstered panel recovering