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Aircraft Cabinetry

Air Capital Interiors has streamlined the aircraft cabinet repair process and created affordable and timely options for restoring the luster to in-service aircraft. Our experienced team takes pride in delivering like-new aircraft cabinets so you can be proud of your aircraft and travel in comfort.

Air Capital Interiors has access to a wide spectrum of aircraft cabinet veneers and our finishing experts can match even the most exotic patterns and colors. We have quick access to original engineering drawings and ability to modify cabinet, galley and lavatory designs to accommodate upgraded technology and equipment. And, we have a network of suppliers and the in-house capability to fabricate and deliver hard-to-find detail parts to support refurbishment.


Air Capital Interiors is agile enough to perform repairs on one cabinet and large enough to execute a full production run new cabinets.

  • Cabinetry re-veneer, repaint and/or relaminate
  • Cabinetry sand and refinish
  • Cabinetry sand and reapply top coat
  • Cabinetry finish touch up
  • Cabinetry substrate repair
  • Custom replacement
  • Custom prototype development
  • Access to wide spectrum of materials (styles, textures & colors)
  • Detail parts fabrication to support refurbishment

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Air Capital Interiors performs all aircraft cabinet restoration under the authority of its FAA-Certified Repair Station and is approved for repairs on a wide-variety of aircraft. See the complete list.